N. Sarojini and Philomena Vincent

N. Sarojini and Philomena Vincent


Sama is an NGO that takes care of issues related to women and health. It’s located in the national capital. The NGO was started by a bunch of activists in 1999. N. Sarojini and Philomena Vincent are the registered founders of the organization.

The word ‘sama’ means equality. Equality is the core of the NGO’s philosophy. Sama takes health as a fundamental right for every citizen of India, especially women. It aims to boost healthcare systems by improving public healthcare infrastructure and eradication discrimination based on caste, gender, religion and beliefs.

Sama works to ensure that people don’t depend on disease-doctor mechanism for healthcare. It works to spread awareness about environment and hygiene amongst the common and impoverished. Sama prioritizes issues pertaining to women, adolescent girls and marginalized sections of the society. It sensitizes men towards issues related to women. It also provides platforms to discuss emerging issues that plague society and helps find solutions to such issues. Sama works in partnership with local bodies and NGOs to achieve its noble goals.

The most vital thing in regards with women empowerment is awareness of their issues. Sama is doing the perfect job to address these issues and spread awareness about them. Sama is doing a phenomenal job of boosting self-confidence of women and impoverished sections across India. Its initiatives deserve applause.